Respect Yourself

With all the problems in education today it’s easy to loose sight of the fact that our children are failing, not schools.

At approximately 7:00 PM on Main Street and Culver Road there was a fight. A group of girls were fighting with one girl when another young lady came to her aid and was beaten up as well.

Adults drove by watching, none stopped.

The attacking girls felt justified in what they were doing since there was no adult willing to intervene.

Our children lack respect for themselves because, as adults, we show no respect for ourselves or them.

As children they see adults bullying and intimidating other adults. In schools they are allowed to manipulate and bully the adults and other children.

Our children deserve to respect themselves and they must be shown how to respect themselves and others.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and our children are imitating the adult responses to their environment that they see.

As adults we must begin to role model the positive critical thinking skills and the emotional fortitude necessary to cope with the problems we all encounter in life.

As adults we must create a system of education that concentrates on the child, not the money it takes to improperly educate our children.

When our children understand how valuable they are to the successful survival of all mankind, they will take more seriously their role in making the changes necessary to achieve an enlightened society which is the goal of education.

Providing every child in America, regardless of their color, culture, gender, economic status, or address, with an excellent education that concentrates on discovering, developing, and directing their gifts and talents is the only way to reverse the failure created by our current system of education.

Education will, when properly delivered, create an enlightened society that chooses to respect instead of intimidate, cooperate instead of control, love instead of hate.

Our children deserve strong, respectful, confident, concerned, caring, knowledgeable, adult role models to show them that life is worth living.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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