Respect For Everyone

Recently a radio segment featured the author of a book about parents respecting their children.

Our current system of education shows little respect for the gifts and talents of our children.

By standardizing and normalizing our children according to the data that is collected and inconsequential to the educational development of the child, children who do not and will not meet the norm are systematically labeled and tracked as needing Special Education services, receiving more funding, making them more valuable to the “hedgehogs”.

By acknowledging and then discovering, developing, and directing, the gifts and talents of every child, we are showing respect for the individual contribution every human being can make in their life to the betterment of their community and this world.

By allowing mistakes to become learning opportunities our children will begin to challenge themselves to greatness and become passionate about positive things that make them proud of who they are.

Providing a multitude of different experiences opens the child’s world to the possibilities that can become reality. Poverty doesn’t stop the music it provides the opportunity to find an innovative way to play the music anyway.

By empowering our children to look beyond where they are to be able to go wherever they choose we are insuring the evolution of all mankind into a society where the differences about us are our greatest resource and collaboration centers around building relationships and finding positive, non-life threatening solutions to the global problems we face.

To exclude any child from receiving an excellent education means that we will continue to fail to move forward to a time when we actually realize the true intent of America, “Freedom and Justice for All

America deserves an educated citizenry in order to become the powerful nation it was intended to be.

Our children deserve to be respected so that they can respect themselves and understand that others deserve respect as well.

Respect every child, provide every child with an excellent education that discovers, develops, and directs their individual gifts and talent.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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