Change The System – Change The Standards

Early childhood education must be about uncovering the hidden talent every child possesses.

Educational standards should provide guidelines on how to discover that hidden talent.

Standard 1:
Ask the child questions and listen to the answer the child gives.
In order to discover the gifts and talents of any child, you have to hold a conversation with that child.

Standard 2:
Watch the child play without interrupting, even when a problem arises between children. Allowing the children to work out the problem as best they can before adult intervention.

Standard 3:
Listen to the conversations between children without adult interpretation. These are children who do not yet understand adult concepts of love, sex, and all manners of physicality that they may or may not have been taught.

If a child is affectionate, that is an attribute of the child, some children are shy. If a child is outgoing, that is another positive attribute that can point to leadership abilities.

Standard 4:
Provide a multitude of play activities for the child to experience and then notice which activities the child favors and avoids and create a connection between the two. Show the child how to include the activity they don’t necessarily like in the activity they prefer.

Standard 5:
Provide a multitude of experiences, museums, zoos, farms, classical music, plays that the child wouldn’t necessarily be privy to in the home, then watch how the child interacts with the experience. Comfort the child’s fears, support their interests, and challenge them to explore new and different things.

Standard 6:
Role model the positive expression of the individual gifts and talents of the adults in the educational environment and use those gifts and talents to create a developmentally appropriate, engaging, experiential, and inspiring curriculum that promotes conversation and critical thought between and among all stakeholders in the school community.

Standard 7:
Provide a positive and engaging learning environment that allows for reflection by teacher and students within the process of discovery.

Providing and excellent education to every child is possible when you concentrate on the gifts and talents of every child.

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