Public Education – What it can become

Public education is not supposed to solve the problems of society but should be designed to educate each citizen on how to use their gifts and talents to solve their individual problems and those that effect the general public.

When we standardize the solution to a set number of problems and teach only that, we disallow and disavow the creativity necessary to solve any problem outside of the set. This is mathematical control driven by the data they collect on us and our children in our society.

It seems the stand against the common core has been re-energized by the interview with Diane Ravitch. RocParent2Parent is holding a informational forum on common core. This will be September 30th at 7pm at the Ogden Library.

Every group that emerged at the beginning of this turmoil should still be holding strong to their goal to educate everyone about the failure inherent within our current system of education.

Making our children feel like failures in order to capitalize on the guilt and fear necessary to control the decision making of any group of people and collecting behavioral and emotional data on our children to control their future spending habits is the goal of the elite so that the social class system in America remains unchanged, the one percent, and the ninety-nine, craftily divided into upper, middle, and lower classes in an America that promises freedom and justice for all.

Our children deserve to live in the America our forefathers constructed and our young men and women in the military fight and die for every day.

Our children deserve to live in an America that values their gifts and talents, welcomes their engagement in local, state, and federal government, and promotes the creativity and ingenuity that develops the from positive connections made between and among all cultural groups.

A free and public education for ALL of America’s children guarantees that America for our children. Discovering, developing, and directing the gifts and talents of all of our children is the only way to make America great for everyone.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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