The Value Of Language

To find no value in a particular culture is to devalue all cultures. However, to find value in every culture is to accentuate the positive aspects of everyone’s existance.

In our current system of education, we find no value in the culture of poverty and constantly remind those who exist in that environment that they are low class and therefore cannot help themselves out of their condition but need others to advocate on their behalf while they wait to see how the outcome of the decisions of others will effect them.

To accept the language of elite classism is to accept an unconstitutional system of government that Constitutionally guarantees the freedoms acknowledged in the Declaration of Independence.

As our children enter the current system of education they are assessed for their disabilities not their abilities. This information, data, is then warehoused for later use regardless of whether or not the child assesses out of the system.

Just as “lower class” citizens are taught to accept their condition, “middle class” citizens are asked to “grow” their condition. They are being asked this by the “upper class” who are not willing to share their position.

Changing the language of education so that it concentrates on providing an excellent, free, and public education to ALL of America’s children that discovers, develops, and directs the gifts and talents of every child toward becoming a respectful, responsible citizen regardless of their life choice will undermine and eventually end the classist attitude of Americans as they realize that humanity is more powerful than money and leadership should not be thrust upon us but gratefully entered into by those who welcome speaking for an educated populous.

All of our children deserve an excellent education that is child centered, developmentally appropriate, founded in the Arts, and experiential, delivered by dedicated professionals, regardless of their race, religion, cultural background or address, in small, teacher:student ratio classes to allow for positive family/teacher relationship growth.

Every American citizen deserves to have their child educated in a public school system that is successful for everyone.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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