Opportunities Ignored

Another school year has begun and though district leaders commissioned the opinion of Outside Educational Experts who provided suggestions for improvement, those suggestions went unheeded.

There are still twenty-eight days of lost learning throughout the school year due to holiday recess when a year round school calendar could have eliminated the need for extended day programs while removing the burden of holiday day care and children left home alone due to parental work commitments.

Warehousing children in Pre-kindergarten through Eighth grade facilities with class sizes that exceed the recommended cap of eighteen continues as administrators have been hired to address district failure instead of hiring more teachers and paraprofessionals that work directly with our children.

Children will still be bused out of their neighborhood to schools their parents are unable to access for true parental involvement in PTA’s, PTO’s, parent teacher conferences and school activities.

There are still three weeks of testing scheduled with no indication of how much actual learning time will be devoted to preparing students for those tests.

Though the District Comprehensive Improvement Plan (DCIP) has been revised for the 2013-14 school year, the Overview, which “must describe the development of the plan, the degree to which the 2012-13 school year DCIP was successfully implemented, overall improvement mission or guiding principles at the core of the, strategy for executing the mission/guiding principles, the key design elements of the DCIP, and other unique characteristics of the plan (if any), and provide evidence of the district’s capacity to effectively oversee and manage the improvement plan” is missing.

Without a DCIP, schools are left to complete their School Comprehensive Education Plans in the absence of an “overall improvement mission or guiding principles at the core of the, strategy for executing the mission/guiding principles.”

The 2014-15 DCIP and SCEP’s are not available for public viewing.

On September 3, 2014 our children will return to the same failing system of education they left in June.

District leaders have once again failed to effectively and efficiently address the problems and concerns that have perpetuated the decades of failure in our district.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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