The Democratic Process

One does not have to be a Democrat to defend the democratic process.

Zephyr Teachout, Democratic candidate for Governor will be in Rochester on Wednesday, August 27, 2014, at the Public Market for their Food Truck Rodeo event.

That engagement will be followed by a press conference at the Village Gate, Thursday morning, August 28, 2014, at 9:00 AM.

The Democratic Party was asked to use their podium, a sound system, and 100 chairs for the event. Their response, we’re supporting Cuomo, “No”.

If both candidates are Democrats then both should be afforded the resources of the Democratic party. No official party office should admit to endorsing one candidate over another but instead should let the people decide through investigation into the issues and a debate between candidates who is the better choice for governor.

This is another issue. Governor Cuomo refuses to debate Zephyr Teachout. This is an unconscionable affront to the concerned taxpaying citizens of New York State.

We deserve to hear where our incumbent political leaders stand on the issues that are important to us and we must know how newcomers to the political arena stand on those same issues. Political debate is our opportunity to get to know the candidates.

No candidate, when offered the opportunity to debate the issues before the American public should be allowed to refuse. If they are not willing to present their position to the people they should not run.

This is how the people decide who will most effectively and efficiently represent their voice in the use of their tax dollars.

The responsibility of the people is to listen to those who throw their hat into the ring to be chosen leaders, to know and understand their position on the issue(s) that are important to them, and then make an informed decision about who should receive their vote. It is only then that we can hold our leaders accountable for enacting the policies upon which the majority of Americans agree.

Our voice is our vote and our power.

We deserve leaders who respect the Democratic process and our voice.

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