America, What A Country

Our government was established so the people would have the power to make decisions regarding the laws that govern them.

The highest and most in-depth level of government was to be at the local level.

The next legislative authority was to be the State. The State was to have a broader perspective of the rights and responsibilities of the citizens that choose to live in that state and according to State rule. The people elect individuals from their community to represent their voice in solving problems and creating success for their State.

The least powerful of all the governments was to be the federal government.

The United States Constitution contained only seven Articles and twenty-one sections. It was a general guideline that every American had to follow. It was uncomplicated and transparent.

We have allowed the upset of our ruling body and given the Federal government almost total authority over our governance. The Federal government holds States hostage, manipulating them with the money they collected through taxation. States then hold local governments hostage for money they collected through taxation. Local governments struggle to maintain healthy communities by begging for money from Federal and State authorities and private concerns.

This is not the America that was intended.

Tax dollars come from the people, the individual worker who contributes to the health and well being of America by employing their individual gifts and talents towards making America a strong and powerful nation.

We have handed control of our tax dollars over to individuals who have been purchased by the elite to speak with their voice and that voice is drowning out the sound of freedom that America represents.

Providing our children with an excellent, arts based, experiential education that concentrates on their gifts and talents is the only way to return to the self-governing country that our forefathers intended.

It is time to stand up and begin to take care of ourselves and teach our children how to use their gifts and talents to become successful adults who will stand to defend a free America.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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