Cure Vs Remedy

Cure: Relief of the symptoms of a disease or condition.

Remedy: A medicine or treatment for a disease or injury.

The idea that providing a remedy for the ills that plague our current system of education will somehow cure the disease that is destroying our children’s future is testimony to the depth of the level of mis-education from which too many Americans suffer.

There should not be a struggle to provide any child with an excellent education. Enough “data” has been collected over the years and research has shown that an excellent education involves providing an arts based, experiential, engaging learning environment guided by dedicated, passionate teachers, with no more than eighteen students, so that the parents, students, and teachers can form a relationship that leads to the educational success of the child.

Yes, there needs to be assessment, evaluation, and professional development, for all stakeholders in the school community. However, we do not need to collect the type and amount of data that is being warehoused by private corporations.

What could be the reason for the data being collected?

To better insure their profits in the future.

People have provided their children with an excellent education without the data, testing, and millions of dollars our system currently employs.

Our nation was built by individuals who had no education or training. They did however, have a belief in the freedoms this country professes to provide all of its citizens and they fought and we continue to fight to protect those freedoms.

By accepting their remedies to the disease from which our current system of education suffers, we are accepting the silent, prolonged death of those freedoms.

Unless we work together to actually cure this malady by changing the focus of the treatment onto the child, the elite will continue to surgically remove and transplant their failing system of education while making huge profits from the procedure.

Educating the child means concentrating on the gifts and talents of the child not the data that can be collected from the answers on a test.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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