The Proof Is In Our Children Not In Their Numbers

Intelligence: Involves the ability to reason, plan, solve problems, think abstractly, comprehend complex ideas, learn quickly and learn from experience. It is not merely book learning, a narrow academic skill, or test-taking smarts. Rather, it reflects a broader and deeper capability for comprehending our surroundings—”catching on,” “making sense” of things, or “figuring out” what to do. Wikipedia

There were approximately 35 million Pre-K through 12 children enrolled in public schools in 2009.

“A study published in June suggests that the things that really make the difference — between prison and college, success and failure, sometimes even life and death — are money and family.” states NPR, National Public Radio.

This study followed “nearly 800 kids in Baltimore — from first grade until their late-20s.” That is .0023% of the student population for 2009.

To limit the academic success of an entire population of children based on the findings presented by researchers who reference such a minute sampling of the population is absurd.

When we provide opportunities for a wide variety of experiences to all of our children, money and family, it is presumed that the family influences are negative, will not matter. In fact, these will be the least affective and effective determinants for personal success.

What the study does not concentrate on is the fact that the children followed were schooled in a system of education that profited from their failure. Does it matter what color they were or how they were able to use their color and affluence to lessen the degree to which they had to be accountable?

These are our children.

We should be more concerned with the fact that our children find it so difficult to handle the stresses of everyday life that they turn to a life of drug addition and crime.

It is our responsibility to provide ALL of America’s children with an excellent, child centered, arts based, experiential education, in small classes with dedicated teachers that discover, develop, and direct the gifts and talents of their students towards becoming intelligent, responsible, adults that are strong enough to avoid drugs and jail.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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