This Is How The Story Goes

On July 28, 2014, members of the BATS met with members of the Education Department’s Office of Civil Rights to discuss issues they have with our current system of education. Secretary Arne Duncan attended the meeting at one point but had to leave due to a prior engagement.

In the end, a staff member from the Office of Civil Rights said, “Thanks for the suggestion. I will look into it.”

This is how the current system works.

When the President is elected, he appoints his staff.

Then, the appointed Secretary’s appoint their advisers from a group of people they know or who have been recommended to them from various groups that have an interest in that particular aspect of the government.

Those advisers meet with and receive information from citizens each day.

Once a week all these advisers meet to discuss the information they received throughout the week. Each adviser decides what of that information is relevant and worthy of being brought to the attention of the other advisers.

The BAT delegation went into the meeting saying exactly what they were supposed to say, what is being said, what has been said, and what has already been countered in the general public through the media.

Secretary Arne Duncan said, “We might disagree about the language, but what I want is for all students to be able to take advanced placement courses or be exposed to an IB curriculum. . .”

This was the perfect opportunity for the group to address the “language” of the federal government’s education policies and entitlement programs.

It is the language of education policies that continue to fund the profits of private corporations.

It is the language of the federal entitlement programs that continue to dehumanize, delineate, and discourage our children.

It is the language that everyone involved in changing the system of education must concentrate on, not the effects which have perpetuated the educational failure of our children.

The language must focus on the gifts and talents of all children, in order to provide every child with an excellent education.

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