Just The Facts Please

The recent ruling in the California “Tenure” case has opened the door to a great deal of opinion as to whether or not teacher unions and their contracts are detrimental to providing an excellent education to all students.

There were three items of dispute in the case:
1. California’s Permanent Employment Statute –
The argument: “The statute does not provide nearly enough time for an informed decision to be made regarding the decision of tenure.

(Currently teachers in California receive tenure before they receive their permanent certification to be qualified to teach.)

2. Dismissal Statutes –
The argument: “It is too time consuming and too expensive to go through the dismissal process as required by the dismissal statutes.”

3. LIFO (Last in first out) –
The argument: “This statute contains no exception or waiver based on teacher effectiveness.”

Evidence was presented that showed 1-3% of California’s teachers were evaluated as highly ineffective with no evidence presented as to how that compares with any other service profession such as health care professionals.

The court’s decision does not support the dissolution of teacher unions but discloses the flaws in the contractual agreements made by the bargaining units.

If the parties involved believe that the existing agreement is detrimental, it is incumbent upon the bargaining units to negotiate a more effective and efficient contract that is in the best interest of all stakeholders.

Unions do not make the rules, they bargain in the best interests of their members and agree upon viable solutions meant to solve problems within the organization.

To say “unions” are the reason that our current system of education is failing our children is simply another smokescreen of the corporations that are working diligently to dismantle public education and profit from the devastation left behind.

The remedy for this case, a renegotiation of the current contract between the teacher’s unions and the school districts of California, not a lawsuit.

This issue does not deserve public attention but local involvement by California’s educational stakeholders.

Our children should not suffer because adults cannot agree upon an efficient and effective system of education.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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