Bloodletting Is Not The Cure

In asking the question, “Will the Market Destroy Public Education?”, “Paul Horton, History teacher at the University of Chicago Lab School states, “The “rhetoric of economic freedom” has put a price tag everything. Self-interest and me-first have become the ideology of the day, and anyone who dares to think of what is in the best interest of society or how to raise up the poor is scorned as a Marxist or collectivist.” He alludes to the assumption that it will.

However, a different perspective, based on the same history of public education, points to the “corporate hedgehogs” keeping their “fatted cow” alive, draining enough blood to sustain them without killing the animal.

Horton himself states that this drain has been occurring for thirty years. “This ideology has been used to spearhead attacks on the role of government at every level since the conservative ascendency of the late seventies and early eighties . . .”

Corporate moguls will continue to make money off of our children, they are our greatest resource.

As long as our children are kept from realizing their personal power through discovering, developing, and directing their gifts and talents, becoming more creative thinkers and problem solvers, passionate about direction of their world, they can be controlled by the standardized norm that tells them that money is the answer to their problems.

As long as money is the answer, corporations will continue to profit from the “crab in the barrel” mentality that perpetuates the idea that a “middle class” should exist in an America that boasts equality for all.

Public funds must support public education not private profits.

All of America’s children deserve a developmentally appropriate, child centered, arts based, experiential education delivered in an engaging learning environment by an impassioned teacher who understands that all children are gifted and talented and that as an educator they are a guide in a child’s life, helping them to avoid pitfalls and possibly skip a few rungs on life’s ladder.

Education is not the fatted cow of the rich it is the promise of America.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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