Can Teachout Put Cuomo Out?

Offering her views on Common Core, Zephyr Teachout writes, “If I am elected governor, I will fight every day to make sure New York’s children have the best schools in the country. I will immediately halt implementation of the Common Core. I believe the best path to high standards is to work more closely with teachers and parents, and with the Legislature and the Board of Regents. Where the problem is federal policy, I will lead a delegation of parents and educators to Washington to demand that federal officials stop dictating how we educate our own children. As did the founding generation in America, I believe public education is the infrastructure of democracy. The best public education is made democratically, in the local community: when parents, teachers, and administrators work together to build and refine the education models and standards right for our children.”

Teachout submitted 45,000 signatures for validation to be placed on the ballot for the Democratic primary; only 15,000 were required. Political analysts have said that the Cuomo camp will challenge the signatures.

Should all go well and Teachout makes the ballot, she and her running mate, Tim Wu, provide a viable alternative to voting for an incumbent running unchallenged within the party.

Cuomo’s history concerning education policy for New York is unacceptable. Though Teachout has not stated publicly that she supports or does not support charter, private, or public schools, the fact that she is receptive to local control of education policy and is willing to approach the problem at the Federal level is promising.

As in any political race, who wins is not as important as holding whomever wins accountable for and to the statements they make concerning the issues.

If New Yorkers are dissatisfied with Cuomo then they should vote for Teachout and make sure they hold her to her word. Being allowed to lead without accountability will always lead to corruption.

It is the responsibility of the citizens of America to make sure our politicians speak with our voice and our voice must speak for the children.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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