Many Issues – One Side – The Children’s Side

It is unclear why the American public is so adamant about reforming and maintaining our current system of education.

It is clear that our current system of education is designed to perpetuate a classist, racist, sexist, society that classifies an individual according to their inabilities rather than their gifts and talents.

To become caught up in the politics and greed inherent in the current system of education is to loose sight of the fact that this standardizing, dehumanizing system of education is failing to provide even a “sound basic” education to any of our children. It is not worth reforming but must be changed so that the focus is on the child, not the data or the dollars.

This is not a Democratic or Republican, or any other party issue.

America’s children belong to Americans and our American government, Democrats and Republicans are failing our children, not our schools.

Both Democrats and Republican have been party to a system of education that has been failing our children for decades.

There is only one side to take when we talk about the excellent education of all of our children, the side of the children.

If we know that charter and private schools provide a better education than their public school counterparts, it is the responsibility of our public school system to meet and exceed charter and private school standards.

Dissecting the public school system and divvying up the $500 billion dollars in public funds for education between and among companies that provide educational services is not a rational response to the problems we face in education today. It is however, a profit making plan for corporations who see huge benefits in creating a “working” populous that does not question but complies.

It is time to realize that the fight in education is not about its form and function, it is about the failure of our children to know and understand how wonderfully gifted and talented they are and how much they have to contribute to their world.

Our children, our nation, our world, our future.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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