Our Children Must Be Our Priority

From the Federal Register:
Application for New Awards; CSP Grants for National Leadership Activities
The purpose of the CSP Grants for National Leadership Activities competition is to support efforts by eligible entities to improve the quality of charter schools by providing technical assistance and other types of support on issues of national significance and scope.

Priorities: This notice includes two absolute priorities, two competitive preference priorities, and one invitational priority.

Absolute Priority 1—Improving Efficiency through Economies of Scale.
This priority is for projects of national significance and scope that promote shared systems for acquiring goods or services to achieve efficiencies in the use of time, staff, money, services for special populations, or other resources for the purpose of creating, supporting, and sustaining high-quality charter schools (as defined in this notice).

Absolute Priority 2—Improving Accountability.
This priority is for projects of national significance and scope that are designed to improve authorized public chartering agencies’ capacity to conduct rigorous application reviews; monitor and oversee charter schools using multiple sources of data, including disaggregated student data, and measurable performance goals; close under-performing schools; replicate and expand high-performing schools; maintain a portfolio of high-quality charter schools; and evaluate and disseminate information on the performance of charter schools.

Public tax dollars should fund excellent public schools.

If the federal government knows what priorities should exist for charter schools, those same priorities should be placed on public schools to hold them accountable for the educational success of their students.

As well, public schools should have the same educational freedoms as charter schools to provide a developmentally appropriate, child centered, arts based, experiential learning environment with low teacher:student ratios that enable school personnel to discover, develop, and direct the gifts and talents of the students who win their lottery and are accepted into their schools.

Public tax dollars should ensure that EVERY child in America receives a “Presidential” education.

Receiving an excellent education must not depend on luck or fortune.

Every child in the world deserves an excellent education and America must be the leader in this effort.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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