As citizens decide whether to side with the far right, the far left, or anywhere in between, on issues that are pertinent to the excellent education of America’s children and those that are not so important, the one thing that everyone agrees upon is that there must be accountability.

To continue to “pass the buck” blaming parents, teachers, unions, and students is counterproductive to the work that must be done to change the focus of the system of education.

Taking the body apart, trying to heal our current, unhealthy system of education is also a waste of our children’s precious time.

Each part of this failed system of education, testing, evaluations, data mining and all of the other social problems inherent within it, poverty, racism, classism, exist because of a lack of accountability on the part of Americans to due their due diligence in making sure that our elected officials speak with the voice of the people.

Our children are being standardized and normed out of the knowledge, understanding, and belief that they have so much more to offer this world than to be a “good worker” as we allow our leaders in education to reduce our children to data bits and dollar signs to insure their profits.

As Americans, we must take responsibility for our nation’s children and demand that our elected officials change the focus of education so that it provides every child in America with an excellent education.

We must hold everyone in the educational community, the students, parents, teachers, principals, administrators, maintenance crew, office staff, cafeteria workers, volunteers, and anyone else that has contact with and influence in the educational world of our children, accountable for being a positive role model of personal and public pride and respect.

Public schools must offer every child a safe, engaging, inspiring, experiential, learning environment and then provide them with impassioned teachers who are trained to discover, develop, and direct the gifts and talents of their students.

We know what we should do, now we must hold ourselves accountable for getting it done.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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