Brain Or Drain

If you believe you are the worst then you will not try to be better for it is an effort in futility.

However, if you understand that being the worst allows you the opportunity to be better, even a little at a time, then you will try to improve your condition.

The Rochester City School District is not the worst and there is room for improvement.

In order to improve we must stop concentrating on the financial drain on educational resources and begin to focus on childhood development research, how children learn, and proven examples of educational success in our community, throughout the State, and country in order to replicate and advance the educational success of ALL children.

These examples include public, private, and charter schools who share a commonality:
A child focused curriculum
Low class size
Full Arts education
Experiential learning opportunities
Parent/student/teacher connection
Administrative support for teacher autonomy

This is the magic formula that creates nominal educational success throughout the country for those who can afford it or are lucky enough to win it.

For the unlucky majority of children who live in poverty or abject poverty, a public school education offers no more than standardization and dehumanization to prepare them to become part of America’s workforce.

A public school education must provide a child centered system of education for all of its children.

A public school education must concentrate on discovering, developing, and directing the gifts and talents of every child in its charge.

It must focus on providing every child with passionate, engaged, and knowledgeable teachers that are confident in their own capabilities as a role model to engage the passions of every student in the class while exhibiting the benefits of having a positive attitude to solve the problems life offers.

Public schools in and throughout United States have an obligation to its children whose parents are impoverished and unlucky, to provide them with the best education possible. And, by raising the educational level of all children, we will raise the level of educated citizens in America.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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