Not Fun In The Summertime

Once again summer has arrived and hundreds of children are going to be left to their own devices as their parents have to work and cannot afford day care.

When you talk about how poverty affects and effects those living in it, this is a good example.

However, the solution is simple, year round school.

Each year the district continues to adopt the same school schedule without considering the hardship on parents and the loss of educational ground on those students who suffer most from the impoverished condition of their parents.

A year round school calendar would alleviate both problems as well as some others.

Without adding any actual attendance days to the calendar, the year round schedule is such that two teachers share one class, alternating absences, so that one primary teacher is with the class at all times.

This method of teaching gives parents the choice of vacation time without infringing upon the mandatory 185 day school year. Doctor’s appointments or simple childhood illnesses would not count until the students fell below the mandated attendance. And, parents can decide whether to send their child(ren) to school on a snowy or cold day.

Students won’t suffer “summer lag” because there is no extended period of time out of school for anyone. As well, instructional time lost from regular absences is caught up much easier as teachers have more time to cover necessary material in an interesting and creative way.

With two teachers in the classroom and one primary teacher with the class throughout the school year, there is no longer a need for a substitute or summer school budget. Discipline issues, especially at the elementary level, would all but disappear.

Both parents and teachers agree that a year round school calendar would better suit the needs of all stakeholders in the educational process.

Changing the system of education means considering the needs of ALL stakeholders in the educational community and making sure that all stakeholders focus on discovering, developing, and directing the gifts and talents of ALL of our children.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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