This Is How The Story Goes

On July 28, 2014, members of the BATS met with members of the Education Department’s Office of Civil Rights to discuss issues they have with our current system of education. Secretary Arne Duncan attended the meeting at one point but had to leave due to a prior engagement. In the end, a staff member from […]

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Just The Facts Please

The recent ruling in the California “Tenure” case has opened the door to a great deal of opinion as to whether or not teacher unions and their contracts are detrimental to providing an excellent education to all students. There were three items of dispute in the case: 1. California’s Permanent Employment Statute – The argument: […]

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The Bats Are Flying

Yesterday at the Lyndon B. Johnson Education building in Washington, DC a group known as “Bad Ass Teachers” “BATS”, assembled to protest our current system of education and the devastating effects of Common Core. Parents, calling themselves “BAMS” Bad Ass Moms, rallied with teachers in support of their efforts, urging other parents to stand with […]

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Learn The Language

Type of Award: Discretionary grant. Estimated Available Funds:$1,485,000. Purpose of Program: The objective of this program is to support a Center for the Study of Distance Education and Technological Advancements at an institution of higher education as authorized by section 741(a)(3) of the Higher Education Act (HEA) of 1965, as amended and as described in […]

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Bloodletting Is Not The Cure

In asking the question, “Will the Market Destroy Public Education?”, “Paul Horton, History teacher at the University of Chicago Lab School states, “The “rhetoric of economic freedom” has put a price tag everything. Self-interest and me-first have become the ideology of the day, and anyone who dares to think of what is in the best […]

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Can Teachout Put Cuomo Out?

Offering her views on Common Core, Zephyr Teachout writes, “If I am elected governor, I will fight every day to make sure New York’s children have the best schools in the country. I will immediately halt implementation of the Common Core. I believe the best path to high standards is to work more closely with […]

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From The Federal Register

Extension of Public Comment Period; Request for Information on Addressing Significant Disproportionality Under Section 618(d) of the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act Summary: On June 19, 2014, we published in the Federal Register (79 FR 35154) a request for information (RFI) seeking comment on actions that the Department should take to address significant disproportionality based […]

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