A Fox Does What A Fox Does

There is a classic fable that has been retold many times in many different ways, but the moral is the same.

A rabbit is trying to get across a pond without getting eaten by alligators. While pondering the situation, a fox approaches and promises the rabbit to get him across the pond safely.

The fox picked the rabbit up in his teeth and swiftly ran across the pond on the backs of the alligators who didn’t even notice they were being stepped on.

Once on the other side of the pond the fox began to eat the rabbit.

The rabbit began to yell, “You promised you wouldn’t eat me.”

“I promised I would get you safely to the other side and I did that.”

“Then why would you eat me?”

“Because I am a fox and a fox eats rabbits.”

For everyone who is upset that wealthy businessmen are capitalizing on a failed system of education, think carefully about the moral of the story.

It wasn’t the fox’s fault the rabbit was eaten. The rabbit, like the fox, could have run across the backs of the alligators and made it safely to the other side of the pond.

The rabbit believed more in the fox than he did his own abilities. Because of that he was eaten alive.

Gates, Broad, Koch, Klein and Duncan are not the problem.

The problem is our current system of education that allows private profits to be made with public tax dollars that fail to provide an excellent education to all of America’s children.

Like the rabbit, we want to trust that their intentions are good, not recognizing that their intentions are to profit from the failure of America’s children to succeed educationally.

Like the rabbit, we, the people, have the ability to outrun the alligators, cross the pond, and move forward towards a better system of education for our children, one that discovers, develops, and directs their gifts and talents so that they can believe in themselves and not wait for the fox to save them.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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