Time To Comment

The summary of the proposed supplemental priorities and definitions begins, “To support a comprehensive education agenda . . . “

Is the “comprehensive education agenda“ referred to the mandated “common core” agenda?

If the proposed priorities support a system that has proven itself to fail our nations children, why are we supporting any priority?

Within the Background portion of the notice it states, “Note that we do not include priorities for building evidence of effectiveness, supporting projects for which there is moderate or strong evidence of effectiveness, or improving productivity, all of which were included in the 2010 Supplemental Priorities.”

If the priorities address as stated in the Summary, “reflect the lessons learned from implementing discretionary grant programs . . .,” were there no lessons to be learned from “building evidence of effectiveness, supporting projects for which there is moderate or strong evidence of effectiveness, or improving productivity”?

The Background continues, “To support our comprehensive education agenda, we are proposing priorities that span students’ full academic and career trajectories. . . That provide individuals with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the workforce.”

Is this all we want for our children? Is that all we want education to provide for our children? Is this the highest expectation our nation has for the education of its greatest resource, to be successful in the workforce?

“Our intent is to propose priorities that can be used widely across our discretionary grant programs, thereby aligning these programs with the Secretary’s policy objectives, rather than proposing priorities specifically designed for individual programs.”

The intent of this paragraph is to obvious to contend however it is very telling about the direction in which federal education tax dollars will flow when deciding which projects will be funded and which will not.

The final Background statement is, “The Department will choose which, if any, of the proposed priorities will be used for any particular discretionary grant competition; and such decisions will be made consistent with each program’s current authorizing statue and regulations.”

The Department now has free reign.

Change the system, change the results.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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