The Final Five

There are only twenty-eight days left to comment on this document. All comments will be shown to the public. Without public comment, this proposal will most likely be adopted.

Proposed Priority 11—Leveraging Technology to Support Instructional Practice and Professional Development:
This proposed priority would explicitly support projects that help students and educators take full advantage of access to high-speed Internet, digital tools and materials, and open educational resources.

Proposed Priority 12—Promoting Diversity:
The 2010 priority highlighted racial and ethnic diversity, but did not preclude an applicant from receiving priority consideration for proposing projects promoting diversity in other ways, such as diversity based on socioeconomic status, another objective of Federal education programs. . . The proposed diversity priority also covers projects that promote student body diversity based on other factors, including a student’s socioeconomic status.

Proposed Priority 13—Improving School Climate, Behavioral Supports, and Correctional Education:
Through this proposed priority, we focus on specific challenges related to school climate, including disparities in and overuse of exclusionary discipline practices, and add a focus on social, emotional, and behavioral supports.

Proposed Priority 14—Improving Parent, Family, and Community Engagement:
This proposed priority would separate efforts to improve parent, family, and community engagement from those focused on improving school engagement, environment, and safety. Further, the 2010 priority addressed improving parent and family engagement broadly. Under this proposed priority, however, we would specify and expand on the types of projects we would like to support.

Proposed Priority 15—Supporting Military Families and Veterans. Show citation box
This proposed priority aims to ensure the healthy development of military children, including children of active duty service members and veterans, and to improve educational experiences and career opportunities for students who are active duty or reserve component service members, spouses of active duty or reserve component service members, and veterans.

The fifteen proposed priorities were listed in a very cursory manner. Every concerned educational stakeholder should read them in their entirety and then be sure to send in their comments.

“Our Children, Our Schools” means that our Federal, State, and local elected officials must hear “Our Voice.”

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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