Why This Is Important

Discretionary Spending: A spending category through which governments can spend through an appropriations bill.

Appropriations Bill: A legislative motion that authorizes the government to spend money.

Federal tax dollars are being usurped by corporations that apply for and meet the requirements of a system of education they bought and for which they are being paid. This is hedge fund profiteering.

Proposed Priority 6—Improving Job-Driven Training and Employment Outcomes:
Through this proposed priority, the Department would support projects that align programs in the workforce and training system to equip the Nation’s workers with skills matching the needs of employers looking to hire.

Proposed Priority 7—Promoting Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education:
We propose to revise the priority on STEM from the 2010Supplemental Priorities to address access to, and persistence in, rigorous and engaging STEM coursework. . . This priority would also help to bolster local or regional partnerships that enhance students’ access to real-world STEM experiences and teachers’ access to high-quality STEM-related professional learning.

Proposed Priority 8—Implementing Internationally Benchmarked College- and Career-Ready Standards and Assessments:
In this notice, we are proposing minor changes to the previous priority.

Proposed Priority 9—Improving Teacher Effectiveness and Promoting Equal Access to Effective Teachers:
This proposed priority focuses solely on strengthening teacher recruitment, selection, preparation, development, retention, support, recognition, assessment, and reach in ways that are consistent with the Department’s policy goals for professionalizing teaching, improving outcomes for all students, and ensuring that low-income students and minority students have equal access to effective teachers. This priority would encourage grantees to exceed the requirements of Section 1112(c)(1)(L) of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, as amended (ESEA) by focusing on effective teachers measured using a high-quality teacher evaluation and support system (as defined in this notice).

Proposed Priority 10—Improving the Effectiveness of Principals:
Through this proposed priority, we seek to support projects that expand the pool of effective and highly effective principals, support ongoing professional development that is aligned with principals’ needs, and build district capacity and systems that will provide principals the instructional focus, core leadership competencies, support, policies, and conditions that will positively affect the schools they lead.

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