It Bears Repeating

Educators have entered a time in educational history when a perfect storm exists.

The information highway transports a wealth of knowledge about the high jacking of the system of education.

Across the nation parents, students, educators, and community members are stepping up and speaking out against its dehumanizing effects.

The fight however, must not be about testing or evaluations.

The fight must be about children.

It must be about respect.

The fight to change the conditions in education must be about changing the focus of education so that it concentrates on discovering, developing, and directing the gifts and talents of every child.

To do that, teachers must change their focus as well.

Teachers must look inside themselves to find the passion that led them to teaching. Teachers must focus on their own gifts and talents and use them to guide their students to and then on the path to personal success.

Teachers must demand respect by defending their profession with integrity and righteousness and then role model those qualities for their students while making them the expectation for and of all stakeholders in their school community.

The focus of education must be on the children that we educate, not the cost of education or the color, sex area code, or socio-economic condition of the teacher or student, the focus must be on the gifts and talents of the child.

Changing the focus of education means learning how to play again and then guiding that play towards learning about the child and their world, discovering their gifts and talents.

It means connecting the elements of music and dance, color and art to the learning environment to engage and inspire each child towards becoming a life long learner.

Focusing on the child and the developmentally appropriate approach to educating each child means ending standardized testing, common core, data mining, the school to prison pipeline, dropouts, truancy, it means the end of the educational failure of our children.

It is the only way we will truly achieve educational success for every child.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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