We Are Standing Together

MapQuest states that there are 11.22 miles between Ogden Center Road and Broad Street in Rochester, a thirteen minute drive. However, last night both Spencerport and Rochester teachers stood together to oppose the New York State Common Core testing requirements.

While Spencerport teachers held a press conference at the Spencerport library, Rochester City School District teachers held a protest outside of the Central Office Building before speaking out before the Board.

A parent, teachers, a college professor, a retired principal and the president of the American Federation of Teachers spoke before an audience of more than fifty people to publically express their opposition to the devastating effects of Common Core rules and regulations.

In Rochester, the protest moved inside as approximately fifty speakers signed up to demand that our District leaders stand up to State Ed and tell them, “No More Common Core.”

The movement to reject the edicts of the current system of education is growing steadily. The common enemy we all face, the corporate rule of education, is bringing the education community together locally and across the nation.

While State mandated testing is still the seven headed dragon that all are trying to slay, the focus of the struggle, to end the corporate control of educational funds and policies, is shifting towards the children.

Parents and teachers are joining forces to protect their children from the dehumanizing effects of the Common Core, standardized, curriculum and testing mandates. Administrators and Superintendents are beginning to reject the rhetoric of the State Education Department and joining the cause to place education back in the hands of educators. Soon School Boards will reject the money that comes from corporate contributors and legislators will begin to listen to the people and not lobbyists.

Parents, students, educators, and community members, are standing together in Spencerport and Rochester and across the nation to change our current system of education.

The struggle must not be in vain, we must effect true change by refocusing education so that it discovers, develops, and directs the gifts and talents of every child.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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