Professional Priorities

This e-mail is being circulated by the Rochester Teacher’s Union:
“We (RTA) we are staging a massive protest this Thursday June 19th 5:30 PM in front of Central Office before the board meeting. Please be there! Also please call 262-8525 to sign up to speak at the board meeting. This is critical! Please make the call today. We either have a great turnout and change our working conditions, or we suffer by staying stagnate. Please also text 5 teacher friends and pass the word on about signing up today. In many we are strong, divided we fall.”

Research has shown that respect in the workplace is more valuable than an increase in salary.

The profession of teaching used to carry a great deal of respect. As the nation’s children became better educated and the American dream was becoming a reality for all of it citizens, the system of education changed from one of education to training.

The goal of education was no longer to level the playing field so that all Americans could follow their dreams, the new goal was for all to become workplace ready, to feed the industrial machine and produce corporate profits.

Teachers were told what to teach and how to teach it. Institutional intimidation became the incentive plan and failure the outcome.

Some “working conditions” that would improve student achievement:
Personal, professional, passionate, autonomy in the classroom
A child centered, developmentally appropriate, Arts based curriculum
A concentration on the gifts and talents of all children
Smaller class sizes
Year round school

Some environmental conditions that would improve students achievement:
Neighborhood schools
Positive learning environments
Engaging and inviting school communities
School and neighborhood community interaction and involvement
Positive competition between and among district, county, state, and national students

The call for Thursday, “Stand up and Speak out”.

If teachers want the respect that every professional deserves then they must demand it and then show they deserve it.

When our educators can take pride in the work they do, they role model and instill pride in their students for meeting their highest expectations.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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