A Fox Does What A Fox Does

There is a classic fable that has been retold many times in many different ways, but the moral is the same. A rabbit is trying to get across a pond without getting eaten by alligators. While pondering the situation, a fox approaches and promises the rabbit to get him across the pond safely. The fox […]

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Time To Comment

The summary of the proposed supplemental priorities and definitions begins, “To support a comprehensive education agenda . . . “ Is the “comprehensive education agenda“ referred to the mandated “common core” agenda? If the proposed priorities support a system that has proven itself to fail our nations children, why are we supporting any priority? Within […]

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The Final Five

There are only twenty-eight days left to comment on this document. All comments will be shown to the public. Without public comment, this proposal will most likely be adopted. Proposed Priority 11—Leveraging Technology to Support Instructional Practice and Professional Development: This proposed priority would explicitly support projects that help students and educators take full advantage […]

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Why This Is Important

Discretionary Spending: A spending category through which governments can spend through an appropriations bill. Appropriations Bill: A legislative motion that authorizes the government to spend money. Federal tax dollars are being usurped by corporations that apply for and meet the requirements of a system of education they bought and for which they are being paid. […]

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Change Is In The Air – But Beware

The Federal government is revising its educational grant funding priorities. These changes will make it easier for private and charter school entities to receive education dollars while our nation’s public schools falter under mandated NCLB/RTTT common core rules, regulations, and procedures. It is incumbent upon all who are concerned with the direction of education to […]

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It Bears Repeating

Educators have entered a time in educational history when a perfect storm exists. The information highway transports a wealth of knowledge about the high jacking of the system of education. Across the nation parents, students, educators, and community members are stepping up and speaking out against its dehumanizing effects. The fight however, must not be […]

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We Are Standing Together

MapQuest states that there are 11.22 miles between Ogden Center Road and Broad Street in Rochester, a thirteen minute drive. However, last night both Spencerport and Rochester teachers stood together to oppose the New York State Common Core testing requirements. While Spencerport teachers held a press conference at the Spencerport library, Rochester City School District […]

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