Public Funds – Private Profits

Federal Register
Applications for New Awards; Charter Schools Program (CSP) Grants to Non-State Educational Agency (Non-SEA) Eligible Applicants for Planning, Program Design, and Initial Implementation and for Dissemination

CSP Grants to Non-SEA Eligible Applicants for Planning, Program Design, and Initial Implementation and for Dissemination.

Purpose of Program:
The purpose of the CSP is to increase national understanding of the charter school model by expanding the number of high-quality charter schools available to students across the Nation; providing financial assistance for the planning, program design, and initial implementation of charter schools; and evaluating the effects of charter schools, including their effects on students, student academic achievement, staff, and parents.

Federal tax dollars, collected from the citizens of these United States, are being spent to support the profits of private corporations.

Federal, State, and local tax dollars must be spent providing ALL children in America an excellent, child centered, developmentally appropriate, Arts based, experiential education that discovers, develops, and directs their individual gifts and talents towards becoming respectful, responsible, citizens who actively participate in the successful governance of their community and this nation.

Our leaders know and understand that Charter and Private school systems of education are superior to public education.

Low class sizes and connections between and among parents, students, and teachers are two components of Charter and Private school education that are not supported in the public school system.

While neither system of educating children concentrates on the child’s gifts and talents, Charter and Private schools do more to engage the passions of the child by providing learning experiences that broaden the child’s perspective of and connection to the world.

Our current system of education allows corporate control of the $607.2 billion in public school expenditures to influence the direction of education.

There are approximately 75 million children in the U.S. That is $8,093 to educate every child in America.


Average district public school per pupil expenditure: $13,041.

Providing every child in America with an excellent education is less expensive and more productive.

Our children deserve the full benefit of our education dollars.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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