Simple Solutions

There is a great deal of discussion about the influence of poverty on education.

What the district can do.

Hire students, paraprofessionals, and teaching assistants, the unpaid and lowest paid in the district, to conduct after-school and summer programs under the guidance of one lead teacher. Most para-professionals who work with diverse populations of students can assist student workers while teachers work to prepare individual lesson plans for students to be taught by student tutors.

Students can also be employed by the district to act as interpreters given the various languages and dialects spoken by Rochester’s extensive immigrant population.

Summer camp instead of summer school can provide inner city students with rustic experiences that will broaden their understanding of life while employing students as camp counselors and project coordinators.

The district can acquire the property necessary to re-establish neighborhood schools understanding that parents who live in poverty generally do not have the transportation necessary to be involved in their child’s school across the city.

What the city can do.

Hire students as lifeguards, Teens On Patrol, Recreation Center Leaders, and offer internships as junior government employees.

Art students can be commissioned to design Main Street storefront artwork with a community vote on their favorite piece. Music students can perform at the various downtown parks and public markets to entertain workers on their lunch hour. Music students can also be encouraged to form school bands with the city and the district collaborating on a “Battle of the Bands” event.

A suggestion for East High, The East High Family Center: A place where the whole family is empowered to become life long learners, from conception to the grave.

Family education centers can teach parents how to love and engage their children. Grandparents, can learn how to engage their grand and great-grand children in developmentally appropriate educational activities at home while school children are taught how to self-discipline and hone their gifts and talents into the tools they need to succeed educationally.

The solution to poverty is an excellent education.

Change the system, change the outcome.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

One thought on “Simple Solutions

  1. This sounds great.This has been done before. Did it work? The powers that be didn’t give it a chance so I guess it had the potential of working. Now days I doubt if students could handle the pressure. And last but not least, this would blow the common core out of the water because it makes to much sense.

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