Standards Yes, Common Core “NO!”

There is a great deal of confusion about what exactly is “bad” about the Common Core.

Everyone is understandably concerned with the failure of public education however, what most do not understand is, that failure is directly connected to the system of education that Common Core supports, not the role out, or implementation, or testing associated with Common Core.

A Constitutionally guaranteed right to an excellent education is imperative.

Standards are necessary.

Student evaluation is necessary.

Teacher evaluation is necessary.

A better system of education is necessary.

So, if that is all that Common Core is, how can it be bad?

Common Core is more than the sum of its parts.

Common Core is a system of education that denies the gifts and talents of All of our children.

Common Core standards are developmentally inappropriate for early childhood and elementary children.

Common Core curriculum ignores the very brightest children and children that struggle with learning creating an artificially “normed” level of intelligence.

The principles of Common Core schooling are in direct opposition to current, relevant research on how children learn best.

The evaluation of teachers with standardized test score results is irrelevant to student achievement and teacher improvement.

The data collection connected with Common Core is illegal.

The purpose of Common Core teaching is to produce college and career ready adults that will grow “middle class” America.

Common Core is a system of education that forces teachers to teach a standardized set of facts and figures in a dehumanizing, robotic manner that leaves no room for the individual passions of the educator.

Common Core ignores the gifts and talents of our children and requires that they learn, according to a rigid schedule, only that information necessary to answer test questions.

In everything there are strengths and weaknesses. However, in the case of Common Core education, the weaknesses far outweigh the strengths.

Our children deserve a system of education that supports teachers who are free to bring their passions into the classroom to engage the gifts and talents of all of their students.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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