Creating Caring Community Connections

Tonight, Friday, May 2, 1024 from 4:30-7:30 at Joseph C. Wilson Magnet High School, 501 Genesee St., Teen Empowerment will be hosting an “Awaken the Talent” event. The donation is $2.00 to support our children’s efforts to empower themselves through their gifts and talents.

There are many ways the Rochester City School District and the Rochester community can work together to provide all of our children with positive educational experiences.

Beechwood Neighborhood Association members reported that a neighborhood radio station will be starting soon. Also, a report was made about the number and success of the community’s gardens that supply fresh fruit and vegetables to people in the neighborhood.

Neighborhood schools could certainly benefit from working with community members by having students host a radio show and work in the community gardens.

Students in neighborhood schools could help senior citizens take out their refuse, shovel their sidewalks, cut their grass, deliver their groceries, and many other daily tasks that become difficult for the elderly.

In return, senior citizens can volunteer in neighborhood schools that are within walking distance of their homes.

School buses are still traversing back and forth across the city, carrying children out of their neighborhood to their attending school on the other side of town.

The rationale behind busing is twofold.

1. Parents should have a choice to send their child to the best school possible.

2. Transportation costs are reimbursed up to 90% if a certain formula is maintained.

Once every school is successful the best choice for parents is to send their child to the school closest to home.

Once every school is successful and children walk to the school in their neighborhood, buses can be used to take students on educational field trips to museums, art galleries, animal farms, nature parks, historical landmarks, and sporting events with the same reimbursement options available.

Creating positive relationships between and among community members young and old supports the successful education of our children and the successful growth of our city.

Our children, our community, our connections are vital to our continued growth as caring, responsible human beings.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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