What Really Matters

In researching the statistics for average class size in New York State this message was found, “The Accountability table in the report card database will not be available until after accountability determinations for small schools, schools with alternative cohorts, reconfigured schools, portfolio schools and schools with administrative errors are made.”

This means that the numbers are going to change again. What outcomes will be affected?

Will this new formula be applied to previous years before parents were educated to opt their children out of standardized testing?

Will this adjusted accountability table “grandfather” in data from years prior to the implementation of NCLB Common Core standards, testing, and evaluations?

It should include at least as many years necessary to make it longitudinally relevant.

This is yet another diversion that focuses on the symptoms of a system designed to fail the individually creative, problem solving, relationship building, intelligent, gifted and talented children we send to school each year only to have their spirits diminished by schooling that standardizes but does not educate.

An excellent education teaches children to be decent, knowledgeable, respectful, loving, caring, human beings, leaders that want to contribute to their world.

A test that proves nothing more than how well student can regurgitate information that has no relevance in their life, does not matter.

A teacher evaluation system that tells how well teachers can engage their students in learning information that has no relevance in their lives does not matter.

Both are being normed to a system of education that holds no interest for either of them.

Class size does matter, neighborhood schools matter, relationships between and among parents, students, and teachers matter, appreciation of the Arts matters, the gifts and talents of ALL children matter, teaching our children to be caring, concerned responsible members of society matters.

Parents, students, educators, community members must change the demoralizing and dehumanizing system of education that is failing ALL of our children to the child centered, developmentally appropriate, Arts based, experiential, system of education that will discover, develop, and direct their individual gifts and talents.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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