It’s The System Not The Symptoms

State testing and teacher evaluations are merely symptoms of a system that means to fail the majority of our students, forcing them into a standard that prepares them for nothing more than menial labor even after college.

Last night at the RCSD monthly business meeting parents advocated for their children by speaking out about the budget cuts to their school, forcing them to abandon the expeditionary learning style of education which has been successful for many years.

Educators advocated for a School Resource Officer to be placed at Wilson in light of the recent shooting event.

Successful schools’ budgets are cut and SRO’s denied while the Division of Teaching and Learning continues to command more than $25 million of the district budget though they have shown no significant impact on student success.

The majority of the work done by this division centers around compliance with the Common Core State Standards.

Children are being denied an expeditionary learning experience and a safe learning environment so that State Common Core Standards can be followed.

This is a symptom of the disease that is Common Core.

It is not enough to fight against the symptoms alone. As with a cold or the flu, you must also fight the cause.

Parents are coming together and raising their voice. Now we must rally around removing the cause of our children’s educational failure and begin a campaign to end Federal and State Common Core legislation.

Once that has been accomplished it will be necessary to put an end to the current dehumanizing system of education whose goal is to prepare our children for their college and career path.

We must remove the “middle class, white male” bar in education that denies all of our children the opportunity to reach their full potential as confident, strong, self-disciplined, gifted and talented, respectful, productive, human beings that are involved in creating a better world for everyone.

Common Core symptoms have made us all feel sick but it is the disease that is our current system of education that is causing our children’s failure.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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