Data Mining Continues Under Special Education

The Federal Register has opened a comment period on a Proposed Priority which states, “The purpose of this proposed priority is to fund a cooperative agreement to establish and operate an IDEA Data Management Center (Center) to achieve, at a minimum, the following expected outcomes:
(a) Improve States’ data management procedures and data systems architecture [1] to build data files and reports to improve States’ capacity to meet the Part B reporting requirements under sections 616 and 618 of IDEA; and
(b) improve States’ capacity to utilize their statewide longitudinal data systems [2] (SLDS) to report high-quality data under IDEA Part B required under sections 616 and 618 of IDEA. The Center’s work will comply with the privacy and confidentiality protections in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and IDEA and will not provide the Department with access to child-level data.”

It continues, “There is a need to assist States in restructuring their existing, often fragmented, data systems and in aligning their data collection for students with disabilities to their data collection for the general student population in the SLDS so that States can improve the validity and reliability of the data they report to the Secretary and the public as required under sections 616 and 618 of IDEA.”

Diane Ravitch recently reported, “inBloom Closes Down Due to Parental Objections to Data Mining of Students” however, data mining has not stopped it is being gathered from a alternate source.

We must change the system of education so that excellence is the standard for a child centered, developmentally appropriate, Arts based, experiential system of education that discovers, develops, and directs the gifts and talents of ALL children, making it unnecessary to “compile data” on our children.

Success will be measured by the evolution of mankind into a society where self-respect and respect for others are valued and taught within a public school system that Constitutionally guarantees the right of every child in America to an excellent education.

The only data we need to collect is that which leads to our children’s educational success and that data already exists.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

4 thoughts on “Data Mining Continues Under Special Education

    • Watch for educational opportunities and attend those that fit into your schedule. Knowledge is power and the word is spreading. Connect with other parents on various websites and spread the word about informational opportunities. Each one teach one is how grassroots movements grow. Parents are the strongest voice there is. Gathering parents and getting the message out is vital to progress.

      Thank you for your efforts to Save Our Children!

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