I’ts Not How Much, But How

The primary role of the Division of Teaching and Learning is to implement the NYS Common Core Curriculum and Core Instructional Program.

Each year $25 million and more is budgeted to this division.

As well, there are over 200 FTE positions devoted to “implement the NYS Common Core Curriculum and Core Instructional Program.”

Given the hundreds of millions spent by this division over the past decade and the continued failure of our children, it would seem that taxpayers are not receiving even a nominal return on their rather large investment in teaching teachers how to teach.

With the Career In Teaching program and RTA providing professional development opportunities in order for teachers to remain up to date on the current pedagogy, the question is, “What exactly is the “pay back” for this very expensive investment of educational dollars?”

Wouldn’t children be better served if the 93 FTE teacher positions, an increase of 12.4 positions, in this division were used to lower class size at the Early childhood and elementary level?

The Division of Academic Support “provides instructional and curricular resources and leadership in the core academic areas.” This division accounts for nearly $10 million of the Teaching and Learning budget. There are 60 FTE positions, increased by 4.4 positions, associated with this division that are mostly administrative.

How does their work translate into student success?

Academic Support also “provided support to schools that are listed as a school in need of improvement by NYSED.”

We are and have been for years, a district replete with priority and focus schools, too many in their second year of corrective action, East High having received notice of closure by the State.

How have the millions of dollars this division drains from the district budget helped to curtail the failure of our schools?”

The School Board is beginning to ask the right questions.

It is not about how much money we have to spend but how we spend the money we have.

When we place the focus of education on our children the money we spend will translate into success for all.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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