The Times They Are A Changing

At both the Mayor’s Early Learning Council hearing and the Rochester City School District budget hearing, the voice of the community resonated.

What are the attributes that early childhood programs truly embrace in schools?

Would retaining children at the early childhood level be more beneficial than moving them on and holding them back later?

Does your charter have the data necessary to prove your program is successful?

Why are we budgeting for programs without data to support our decisions?

What is the projection of where our schools are now so that we don’t get into another East High situation?

At #58 School, there is a petition going around regarding professional development and whether or nor we’re stripping away the expeditionary learning element at the school, can we get some clarification on that?

Can we have, a snapshot of the status of the school’s education plan included in the budget so we know if the school is following that plan and that our finances need to be associated with that plan?

Why is it we don’t have answers to our questions?

What about the African-American studies program?

What are the actual numbers for the Early Childhood, UPK program?

The voices of students, parents, educators, and community members are now being echoed from the mouths of our elected officials.

This means we must begin to work harder, not only to be acknowledged, but to have our recommendations and solutions adopted and utilized to create a successful system of education for all of our children.

When our leaders show that our children are more important than dollars and data, that is when our children will know and understand that they are a precious gift, capable of greatness, an important part of the fabric of life.

It is then that they will become the positive, self-assured, self-disciplined, contributing members of the Rochester and world community.

Our message is clear; this community will no longer accept the failure of our children for any reason.

The revolution must concede to evolution that can only be achieved through an excellent education.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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