On The Home Front

Getting the message to as many people as possible is essential for any movement to progress.

To date, Brighton has held an informational forum on the Common Core, Parent to Parent held an informational forum in Fairport, and this past Sunday, Interfaith Impact presented a forum on public education at the First Unitarian Church.

The speakers were Dr. Leonard M. Brock, Executive for Education, The Children’s Agenda; Rev. Dr. Michael J. Ford, Senior Minister, Lake Avenue Memorial Baptist Church; and Dr. Kevin McGowan, Superintendent of the Brighton Central Schools.

Dr. Brock spoke of the bias toward Black males who are misdiagnosed due to behavior and the unspoken and unspeakable system of social promotion that passes them through the system without being educated.

Reverend Ford, whose outreach ministry advocates for immigrants from Burma who are lost in a system of education that does not honor their culture and creates obstacles to their educational success.

Finally, Dr. McGowan presented a very different perspective from a “numbers” point of view, clearly stating that we all pay for the failure of the current system of education to provide an excellent and equitable education to all children through our Federal and State taxes.

Though the speakers at the Interfaith Impact forum presented three different perspectives, there was one overarching reality, the current system of education is inequitable and undeniably biased against everyone except the wealthy.

The next opportunity to learn about the failure of our current system of education will be in Greece at the Odyssey Academy Auditorium, 750 Maiden Lane, Rochester, on Wednesday, April 9, 2014 at 5:30 PM.

The speakers will be Dr. Douglas Regan, Niagara Region Education Chair and past principal; Dr. John McKenna, Niagara Region Legislative Chair, current principal; and Laura Stewart-Beach, Niagara Region Parenting Chair.

Many voices are coming together to raise awareness of the tragic injustice our current system of education forces upon children who are already faced with overwhelming situations that occur in their daily lives. However, they are not the only victims.

All of our children are suffering at the hands of the wealthy.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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