Socially Speaking

Tonight, April 29, 2014, the Office of Parent Engagement’s Parent University is hosting a Parent to Parent event at Nathaniel Rochester Community School #3, 85 Adams St., from 5:00 to 7:00 pm. The focus, Responding vs Reacting and Social and Emotional Well Being. The final PTECH information session is Wednesday, April 30, 2014 at Central […]

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History Is Everyones Story

‚ÄúSometimes people hold a core belief that is very strong. When they are presented with evidence that works against that belief, the new evidence cannot be accepted. It would create a feeling that is extremely uncomfortable, called cognitive dissonance. And because it is so important to protect the core belief, they will rationalize, ignore and […]

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It’s The System Not The Symptoms

State testing and teacher evaluations are merely symptoms of a system that means to fail the majority of our students, forcing them into a standard that prepares them for nothing more than menial labor even after college. Last night at the RCSD monthly business meeting parents advocated for their children by speaking out about the […]

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Reviewing Sections 6 & 7 of the Budget

Every educational tax dollar spent by every school board in every state should answer the question, “How does this expenditure lead to student success?” Section 6 – Administration Profiles and Budgets Board of Education – There are 20 FTE positions and a $1,377,497 proposed budget, an increase of $3,014. The office of the Superintendent – […]

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