CC Here, CC There, We Don’t Want It Anywhere

On Tuesday, Parent to Parent hosted an informational meeting in Fairport on the Common Core that included parents, educators, students, community members, and one superintendent.

In Rochester, on Wednesday night Metro Justice and Teen Empowerment joined to engage parents, educators, students, and community members in a discussion surrounding the district’s Code of Conduct.

While the two topics may seem as different as the venues in which they were discussed, they are not.

Both Common Core policies and the “Zero Tolerance” policies of the district Code of Conduct are issues of control.

Control of our children and their future.

In Fairport, attendees learned of the influence of the wealthy on education and that the problem is not implementation but the entire system of education that is being forced and enforced in districts across the United States. Participants were urged to contact their State Legislators and tell them to reject Common Core implementation all together.

For too many years, this district has been using the Code of Conduct to suspend and arrest students who did little more than talk back to their teacher. Students told stories of being suspended for forty-five days for watching other students fighting. One student, after being arrested for fighting, was subsequently suspended from school for an entire school year.

How are they linked? ALEC.

Morna McDermott an associate professor in the College of Education at Towson University reports “Many corporations and organizations that are members of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) have “funded and perpetuated Common Core standards throughout the states. . .”

“Through the secretive meetings of the American Legislative Exchange Council, corporate lobbyists and state legislators vote as equals on ‘model bills’ to change our rights that often benefit the corporations’ bottom line at public expense.”

ALEC has been a major force behind both privatizing state prison space and keeping prisons filled. [Wikipedia]

We are facing a major crises in American and our children are the victims.

We, the people, of the United States, must raise our voice through our vote to Save Our Children.

Knowledge is power!

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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