What’s In Store With Common Core

Though the Rochester City School District draft budget was to be posted by the end of the day, March 25, 2014, it is still unavailable to the public.

In his “Testimony before the New York Senate Finance Committee, Assembly Ways and Means Committee, Senate Education Committee, and Assembly Education Committee, Superintendent Vargas states, “Last year, management efficiencies were the largest single contributor to the plan that closed our $50 million budget gap. We have also been recognized nationally, one of four Districts selected as a national model by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for spending money efficiently to meet the needs of students.”

The Superintendent requested an increase in Governor’s aid of $13.6 million dollars:
* $6.3 million in addition to the Governor’s proposed budget, in order to avoid undesired budget cuts
* $1.7 million will fund 20 reading teachers to support third-grade literacy
* $1.3 million will help us to reduce summer learning loss through extended learning time. Specifically, we will use it to fund summer school for students in grades Pre-K to 3, further supporting early literacy
* $3.3 million will help us to expand instructional time at up to seven elementary
* $1.0 million will support improved instruction by enabling teachers to participate in observing local model classrooms and replicating those practices

The Superintendent reports, “Since becoming Superintendent I have closed three schools and phased out seven low-performing programs. Our Board of Education has voted to close four additional schools over time, to ensure efficient use of space as our enrollment declines. . . Our District also is employing the APPR process to improve instructional quality.”

In the 2014-15 Draft budget presentation under “Funding Our Academic Priorities” we learn that the RCSD has accepted a, “$2.2 million technology investment in schools funded by Microsoft

This community must recognize and understand that the leaders of the Rochester City School District are committed to Common Core implementation, and the influence of corporate dollars in perpetuating the failure of our children.

It is the responsibility of this community to stand together and stop the progression of Common Core and the corporate control of our children’s future.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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