The Greatest Love Of All

This little girl is gifted. This little girl should be receiving voice lessons through her public school.

This little girl should be learning English, Math, Science, and Social Studies by engaging her gift as the foundation of her educational experience.

It should not matter that her family is not rich.

It should not matter that she is not White.

It should not matter whether or not she can pass a standardized test.

The only thing that matters is that this little girl is gifted. She has a talent for singing.

You can tell she loves to sing. Her movements express her passion for the song she is singing.

This little girl is not alone.

All little girls and boys are gifted and talented in some way.

An excellent, child centered, developmentally appropriate, experiential, Arts based education that concentrates on the gifts and talents of all children would discover this little girl’s gift and develop it, directing this little girl towards the greatest love of all and educational success.

This little girl would learn to love herself.

She would learn to love the gifts and talents of others.

She would learn self-discipline and respect.

She would learn that she has value, something wonderful to give to the world.

We must fight for this little girl and all the other little girls and boys who are gifted and talented.

We must fight to change our current system of education that standardizes this little girl and teaches her that she is a failure because she is poor and Black and can’t read or pass a test.

We must raise our voice in our community, our state, in our nation’s capitol with the same passion and energy as this little girl sings her song.

Because the greatest love of all is learning to love yourself.

And, every little boy and girl deserves to know and understand that they are loved.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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