A Lesson In Futility

On November 15, 2012, Dr. Adam Urbanski, Teacher’s Union President, Deborah Rider, Administrative Union President signed off on the NYSED Annual Professional Performance Review plan for the Rochester City School District. Three days later Superintendent Vargas and then Board President Malik Evans added their signatures.

To bring a lawsuit against the District or the State Education department now is irrelevant.

The Rochester Teacher’s Union accepted the rules and regulations of No Child Left Behind that came with money and is now trying to find a way out of the devastation inherent in Race To The Top.

There is nothing that can or will be done since neither the District or the Unions are able to give back the money already accepted and spent or circumvent the contracts to which they already agreed.

This is merely another distraction from the obvious, education must be about our children, not their jobs.

According to NYS Education Law 3020-C
“The law is intended to foster teacher development and create more rigorous, fair and accurate assessments of teacher effectiveness than the previous Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory evaluation system, through the use of multiple measures.
Teachers receive timely and constructive feedback, including individualized improvement plans for teachers who receive a Developing or Ineffective rating.”

It is up to the unions to fight for the rights of its teachers and administrators.

It is up to this community to fight for the rights of our children.

Though the two are not mutually exclusive, they are very different and must not be confused.

As a community, we must fight to end the dehumanizing and demoralizing system of education that standardizes and marginalizes our children. We cannot become distracted by “smokescreen” tactics that cause us to believe that someone else is fighting for our children in our stead.

We cannot become content with education “reform” but must work diligently to change the system of education locally, statewide, and nationally so that it concentrates on the gifts and talents of all of our children.

The focus of education must be on our children. We must stay focused.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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