Children Must Be Our First Priority

March 4, 2014, the District calendar reads:

Arts Education Open House
Central Office
131 W. Broad Street
5:00-7:00 p.m.

Since the school calendar is published prior to the beginning of the school year, why was the decision made to host the Town Hall Meeting on the same night, in the same room?

Attendees at both events were forced to share the conference room and many had no idea that there were two events taking place.

Student performances were exciting to see and the art work displayed throughout Central Office is an excellent example of the gifts and talents our children possess.

This lack of respect for the efforts of the Art teachers, students, parents, and supporters that worked hard to arrange an event that showcased the talents of our children is an excellent example of the necessity to change the focus of education.

Though the Town Hall meeting drew a larger crowd than the Student Art Show, student performances were much more entertaining and inviting. Unfortunately, because of the shared space, students, parents, and supporters were forced to stand in and around the doors in order to see and hear our children exhibit their gifts and talents.

Noise from the conversations of Town Hall participants made it difficult to hear and were a distraction to Art show participants.

People walking in and out the performances upon realizing they were in the wrong section made it difficult for performers and participants to remain focused on the showcase of talent offered.

The decision to hold the Town Hall meeting on the same day in the same room was most likely not made maliciously. However, whoever made that decision did so without considering the impact of that decision on our children and did not believe the Art Show event was important enough to merit the use of the entire conference room.

It is when we put the concerns of adults ahead of the needs of children that we suffer as a society.

Our children must become our first priority and be given all the space they need to succeed.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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