Tested On The Poor – Approved For All

There is a huge difference between providing for the Constitutionally guaranteed right of every child in America to an excellent, child centered, developmentally appropriate, arts based education that concentrates on the gifts and talents of every child and creating a national curriculum paid for by tax dollars that systematically standardizes and dehumanizes our children.

Though you may think those relating the information in the following video are alarmists or conspiracy theorists, consider for a moment, that they are learned individuals who are concerned with the direction of America and its intent to mis-educate the populous into subservient submission.

The beginning of the video explains why we now have a unified schedule throughout the Rochester City School District even though nearly every stakeholder in the school community knows that this is a ridiculous way to educate children.

At 25:35 of the video we are told why there is a push to place computers into the hands of our children.

At 33:10 we are told of the involvement of Bill Ayers and Bill Gates.

At the end, Michael Barber and Pearson are exposed.

It may be easy to say, “This can’t be true.” However, if only a portion of what this video reveals is true, how can we continue to support our current system of education?

To accept the Common Core Curriculum at any stage of implementation is detrimental to our existence as free and equal Americans.

We must fight to change our current system of education, not reform it, so that the true purpose of education is realized, to create intelligent, critically thinking, socially responsible, caring, respectful adults who understand the importance of freedom and equality for ALL.

We cannot continue to be distracted by race, sex, and socioeconomic condition, understanding that these conditions are built into and supported by the system of education we are being paid and subsequently forced to adopt.

It is time to fight for the America in which we all deserve to live.

That fight must begin by freeing our children from this monstrous system of control.

Let Freedom Ring.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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