The Knowledge Of

Knowledge: : Awareness of something : the state of being aware of something.

Understanding: : The knowledge and ability to judge a particular situation or subject.

Many equate the terms knowledge and understanding, using them as synonyms when they are not synonymous at all.

From their definitions one can see that understanding involves knowledge however it includes the ability to use knowledge to gain understanding in order to judge or determine the best answer to any question, the best solution to any problem.

Reading: : The act of reading something.

Comprehension: The act or action of grasping with the intellect; understanding.

The same confusion arises when we want our children to read more. Reading is an act that involves nothing more than a decoding of symbols. Comprehension is taking what you read, thinking about it, relating it to personal experience, and gleaning from the words, the author’s intent.

In America we know that everyone should be educated however we do not understand that there is no bar or particular level of achievement that can be placed on the human spirit without limiting that spirit to an artificial norm.

To achieve educationally in America, you must be a White, middle income, male. The language was recently changed when the concept of “growing the middle class” arose. The standard used previously was wealthy, White male.

This is the standard that perpetuates the racist, classist, and sexist attitudes in education that allow us to view our children as “failures” when they don’t reach the “bar”.

We don’t understand that when we set artificial norms for our children we are limiting the potential of the human spirit to become whatever one can dream of becoming.

When we concentrate only on what we know, we are simply decoding the messages of life without comprehending the meaning of the story of life.

It is time we come to an understanding of the importance of changing our system of education so that it concentrates on bringing forth the full potential of every human spirit.

Remove the “bar” and watch us soar.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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