You Can’t Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

Both the Mayor and the School Board have assembled education committees to address the failure of our children to meet the standards of the State.

Unfortunately, neither the Mayor nor the Board are seeking to change the way we educate children but are trying desperately to find ways to meet the needs of children while adhering to the requirements of the State.

Our children must come first.

Acknowledging that our children should be a consideration when addressing education is a step forward and for that, both entities should be applauded.

However it is impossible to achieve educational success in a system that is designed to cause the failure of children and insure the profits of corporations.

You cannot focus on children with an educational lens that is positioned to see only data and dollars.

Both the Mayor and the Board are concerned with funding, and rightly so, as they are in charge of very large budgets and are responsible to the community for expenditures.

As a community however, we should be more concerned with our children than with their budgets.

What the Mayor and the Board may not know is that the Federal government is relaxing their funding streams to actually address the need to change the paradigm of education.

As citizens across the country stand up against the Common Core a realization is occurring that maybe it isn’t our children or our parents, or our teachers causing our children to fail not only educationally, but in their capacity to be human as well.

We cannot continue to work within a system that is inhumane and demoralizing. We cannot continue to find ways to “reform” the horror that perpetuates racism, classism, sexism, and all other forms of hate that the arrogance and pride of wealth uphold.

Until we change the system of education so that it concentrates on the gifts and talents of All of our children and provide them with a child centered, developmentally appropriate education founded in the Arts, our children will continue to fail and corporations will continue to profit.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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