Two Sides To Every Coin

There is no question that the capture, enslavement, torture, and genocide of any people is a disgrace of humanity.

There is no argument for any aspect of this dehumanizing and demoralizing institution.

There is something positive however that can be learned from every life experience and we must teach our children to glean those realities from the negatives that were wrought.

We must teach our children that, while there were atrocities suffered, the strength of the human spirit survived those atrocities creating a new reality for those affected by the experience.

Our children must know and understand the facts of history, that the genocide, slavery and subjugation of humans happens everywhere, not just in America and it did not end hundreds of years ago but continues even today.

They should know it was not just “White” men who were committing these atrocities, all men were.

Our children must know and understand that hate is an attitude of mankind and slavery is just one tool used to perpetuate that attitude.

The other side of the slavery coin.

Working from can’t see in the morning until can’t see at night kept slaves focused on improving their condition, giving them hope.

Being fed the foulest of foods caused their bodies to develop a natural resistance to diseases making them physically strong.

The people brought here against their will learned new languages, the language of their captors and the languages of the other captives and then developed a universal language that even their captors could not grasp, increasing their verbal intelligence.

The act of slavery brought the human race closer to the unity that must be achieved before we can move forward as a species by creating a cultural mixture of human experience that taught us that we can survive and succeed regardless of circumstances.

It is the distraction of evil that keeps us from focusing on the good.

There is a good side to everything and when we teach children our history, that should be our focus.

Accentuate the positive and we will move forward.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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