The Truth Be Told

Black History in America.

First, slave traders took only the strongest beings they could find and packed as many as they could into the bowels of their ships because captives would jump overboard, starve themselves, and die of hunger and thirst, before making it to America.

Those who survived the ordeal became the strongest of the strong.

Once in America slaves were sold, beaten, starved, denied decent shelter, clothing, and sleep. They were worked like animals and treated worse. They were raped and they were murdered, all to save the cost of labor which increased profits. Many died, many were killed.

Those who survived became the strongest of the strongest of the strong.

According to the American Psychological Association, “African American children are three times more likely to live in poverty than Caucasian children.”

“African Americans and Latinos are more likely to attend high-poverty schools than Asian Americans and Caucasians.” (National Center for Education Statistics, 2007)

“African Americans are at higher risk for involuntary psychiatric commitment than any other racial group.”

Angel L. Harris reports, “By age 17 the average Black student is four years behind the average white student and relative to whites, Blacks have on average only three-fifths as many college graduates and three-fourths as much in earnings, and Blacks’ human capital credentials receive more intense scrutiny than those of whites when in contention for promotions, the racial wage gap widens after labor market entry, and the black wage disadvantage persists net of education, experience, hours worked, occupation, authority, region, and city size..”

How can this be?

After fighting and dying for the right to be able to read and write, to have a voice and to vote, how could anyone knowing the truth, Black or White, believe that the spirit to overcome adversity, trials, and tribulations belongs to those of a particular skin color and financial standing.

Once we provide ALL of our children with an excellent education, they will ALL know and understand that they have the power within them to succeed, regardless of their skin color or parents bank account.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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