Education – A Responsibility – Not A Business

To view the education of our children as a money making proposition is dehumanizing.

Every mammal in the animal kingdom prepares their young for life outside of their protection except for mankind.

Our system of education prepares our young for work.

Mammals nurture their young, keeping them close to bond with and protect them.

Our system of education desensitizes our young to creating nurturing bonds with adults by changing their teachers every year, sometimes twice a year, sometimes more. It tells its adults not to hug or even touch our children as it might be misinterpreted as molestation. Our children are bussed to schools outside their neighborhood where they cannot be fully protected.

Mammals teach their young to survive their environment, showing them where they are safe and where they will encounter hazards.

Our system of education places our children in direct danger, crowding them in classrooms with poorly trained caregivers and a standardized curriculum.

Once mature, mammals push their young out on their own to make them stronger as they develop their own gifts and talents for survival in their environment.

Our system of education weakens our children by concentrating on fixing what is “wrong” with them and holding on to them until they believe they will never make it on their own.

Mammals in the animal kingdom live life fully to it’s natural end to begin a new journey by giving back to the environment, part of the circle of life.

Our system of education teaches our children to fear death which causes them to fear life, directing them to “buy” more time.

Our children deserve, at the very least, the same educational experience that other mammals in the animal kingdom provide for their young.

A child centered, developmentally appropriate, Arts based, experiential, neighborhood learning environment where everyone in the school community is valued for the gifts and talents they bring to the community, will provide our children with the emotional nurturing they must have in order to believe in and respect themselves and others, creating a better society for everyone.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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